Erin Ekman is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation(ICF), and the principal facilitator and leadership consultant with Centrivity.  She has worked in coaching and leadership development since 2009 and holds a Professional Co-Active Coach Certification (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute.

Erin’s insight into development and strategy is enriched by her background in Kinesiology (BscKin) and six years as a program liaison, building teams and implementing a strategic plan for Olympic and National sport programs and International Charities and NGOs.   Erin incorporates high performance principles into her consulting work with multinational corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Erin is passionate about developing people and teams as they actively move towards their personal and professional goals, and partnering with organizations that recognize that their people are their greatest asset and pathway to long term success.

Tia Bell is a Registered Social Worker through the Alberta College of Social Work (RSW), and a trained coach through Essential Impact, an international ICF PRISM Multiple award-winning, corporate coaching company.  

As an Associate Coach with Centrivity Tia provides individualized coaching through a personal development lens which focuses on creating balance and mindset growth. 

Tia aims to empower individuals experiencing burnout and overwhelm by reconnecting to their values, finding purpose and meaning in their lives and to continue to grow in their awareness and take their personal development into their own hands.

Before Tia’s coaching career, she worked as a counsellor at a domestic abuse shelter supporting women and children fleeing traumatic situations. Within her roles Tia would facilitate psycho-educational groups around healthy relationships and recovering from an abusive relationship.  Additionally, Tia would counsel women during their transition period between ending a relationship and building a new future. 

Tia began coaching other Social Workers through their provisional status which evolved into a full private practise focused around career growth and burnout recovery. 

Through coaching, Tia helps connect you with your voice and feel more aligned with your values and aspirations.  

Tia is taking on new clients at Centrivity.  If you are interesting in learning more, and how you may have coverage through your insurance provider, schedule a 30 min free Connection session with Tia.