Have you ever felt held back by lack of time, clarity and confidence and wished someone could give you the “right” answers (or even do it for you) so you could focus on what you do best? 

I work with overwhelmed business owners in the “make-or break” stages of business by bringing sound business strategy, tools and mindset coaching so they can move in the to bring more clarity, confidence so they can build and a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business. 


My ideal clients are busy, value-driven small business owners and solo-preneurs focused on providing impact and quality service to their clients. 

As owners they struggle to accomplish everything they want to accomplish and often feel overwhelmed, confused and lacking confidence to continue building their business. My clients understand the value of a team and that doing everything on their own is not sustainable.  They are ready to learn from and collaborate with others, build strong partnerships, and delegate, but find it challenging to let go of their quest for control, perfection, and to trust team members to deliver the same level of commitment and excellence they have to the service and product.  


I'm in a unique position to help my clients because I've faced the same struggle of not having enough time and resources,  feeling the pressure and responsibility to succeed on my own, be everything to everyone and feeling the cycle of “one-step-forward and one-step-back” for many years.  I the overwhelm of a new business, my desire to have someone confirm that I was on the right track and to guide me when I began to step off the path. When I began to doubt my ability, I needed someone in my corner to help me hold my vision of success and to confirm my ability to reach my goals on my terms.  

 I know that every entrepreneur and business owner needs a system of support and that they can be successful with the right strategy, tools and mindset.  As a collaborative partner, I have designed a toolbox that integrates both the person and the business out a formula that can help just about any entrepreneur build a strong foundation in their business, communicate effectively and confidently to their target audience and reduce the stress, uncertainty and overwhelm and even enjoy the process of building a business they believe in.  


Build a business that thrives

For more information on Collaborative programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners, strategy and mindset coaching, creating a business that thrives and allows you to grow and feel supported, email or call us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.


They said yes!

“Thank you again for your help with the proposal. It gave me both a professional look but also the confidence to move forward with this program.”

— Tia, Coach, Unscripted Co.

I’m excited again.

“Thanks again ..I really appreciate you, your guidance and input. You’re making me excited about my life and business again xo”

— Monique, Hair Coach, Vocare Hair

I followed my dream .

“I would never have taken the leap if I hadn’t worked with Erin. She made me believe I could follow my dream and supported me in areas that I did not have experience in.”

— Paige, Founder, Moss Postpartum House

“Erin!!! I sold a package yesterday!!!!! Felt so much more confident on the call after our session! Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance!
— Renee, Livit Nutrition