Many of us fear change- but why? 

Change keeps us and our culture vital and dynamic. 

Change is happening faster | Our world is experiencing an accelerated rate of change in almost every industry- from manufacturing to technology.  While we could debate whether that is positive or negative, what we do know for sure is we need better systems for navigating change- we need to equip our teams and our people to effectively manage change at every level.  

“50% of fortune 500 companies in operation in 2000  no longer exist”, 

“The chance of surviving the first 10 years of business is 1/25” 

In order to succeed in the long term, we must build cultures, teams and individuals that are adaptive, innovative, flexible, and resilient and this begins by asking ourselves.

Those that embrace change learn how to transition the quickest. Projects move forward, new ideas are executed and businesses can continue to grow.  

Intentionally managing change will increase the rate of success.  

As each business operates differently than the next- demonstrating its own unique culture, vision and purpose, each change approach must be customized in order to be sustainable and impactful.  

Asses the Current State 

Define and Clarify the Desired State 

Design the Framework to Deliver the new 

Implement (and Assess) 

Build Sustainable Practices  


Build a business that thrives

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Confidence Growing Everyday

“I was a little skeptical at first, as group workshops have never been my thing, but I got a lot out of it as it gave me the opportunity to bring awareness to some things about myself that I keep stashed away. Thank you for bringing that to light. My confidence is growing every day!”

— Sara, Okotoks

Guides the Room to Discovery

“What a deeply revealing and entertaining night! I was blown away at Erin’s ability to command and guide the room to discovery in a way that was comfortable, warm, supportive and fun!”

— Melissa, Hong Kong

This is my Journey.

“When I started I was doubtful that the decisions I was making were right. I had a ton of guilt and was lost. Today, I have no guilt. I know I'm on my true path and have accepted this is my Journey”

— Sue, Calgary