One day you wake up, look around and realize that you are not living the life you dreamed of.  Perhaps you’ve lost the motivation, the excitement and the clarity you once had.

Maybe life has changed so much in the past year that you don’t know what to hold onto, what’s the next step or even what direction you want to go in.  

The life you live now feels “ill fitting” – leaving you tired, anxious and unfulfilled.

Too many people live here.  Too many continue to accept a life that is not nearly good enough.

But you are NOT one of them.



We Connect – This is a no obligation consultation to ensure this is the program for you.   I take on a limited number of clients each month so I can serve you best- the level of commitment is high for both of us.  This isn’t’ about filling a roster. This is about transformation.

We build the Foundation –  I learn about you, your values, your objectives and your learning style. We build our alliance and clarify expectations and outcomes.

We begin the work – Over six sessions we dig into your values, the inner critic, limiting beliefs, your vision and purpose and anything else you bring to the table.  

We complete – guns blazing, we capture your learning and prepare you for the next part of your journey.  


We begin with three months– that’s the minimum amount of time for you to get to work and makes some changes in your life.  It’s just enough time for those new neural pathways to be created so the results you are experiencing are REAL AND SUSTAINABLE and not just a surge of motivation surrounded by old habits.  I use physiological principles of growth and development applied to human behaviour. It is powerful and it works. 

We connect on the phone, in-person or over Zoom at least twice per month.  Consistency is key in the initial stages of change and development.


You’re in the right place.

You are a high achiever at heart.  That’s why you’ve come this far. That’s how you’ve survived, and maybe even excelled in some areas of your life.  But your heart knows that this isn’t nearly good enough.


The things I find important

“Through our conversations, Erin has helped me learn more about myself and how I work, including what my true values are and how to communicate effectively in my relationships. Erin has helped me to focus on what is important in my life, which has helped me to keep moving forward and to strive for those things I find important.”

— Bronwyn, Calgary

Making important shifts

“Thank you again for the amazing coaching. With your support I'm finally able to start making some of these really important shifts...the shifts that started almost 10 years ago, but then got overshadowed by old patterns and fear.”

— Alex, Barcelona

Change feels more accessible

“Change feels more accessible now that I am working with Erin. I feel like I am making traction towards living a life that is in alignment with who I am now.”

— Christina, New York City